Colin has always lived in Leeds. For the past 15 years he has been homeless or imprisoned. He now lives in private shared accomodation for the first time since leaving home as a teenager. He takes methadone and suffers from epileptic fits. Colin lives on benefits and as a result of his life of crime, homelessness, and drug addiction, he sees no point in looking for work. He feels he is in a vicious circle.

Trauma The Fear


Trauma The Fear. Lucky Mask Productions. Directed and Produced by Ann-marie Conlon. Writer, Co-Producer and Director of Photography: Stephen Windle. Sound Effects: Ann-marie Conlon and Stephen Windle. Editor: Rebecca Gransbury. Editor and Visual Effects: Mark O B Pritchard. Assistant Editor: Mike Gransbury. Actors: Joanna Craig and Mike Gransbury. Poster design: Emily Burcham.

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In early 2017, artist Dan Llywelyn Hall began a new series of portraits of seafarers; basing himself in the Merchant Navy Club in Hull. His subjects were the men and women from the city’s seafaring industry. Hull was, until recent times the UKs largest fishing port employing thousands of people and their families from across the city.

Ann-marie Conlon, a photographer and documentary filmmaker whose photographs famously captured the collapse of the Twin Towers, filmed Dan Llywelyn Hall throughout the drawing process.

You can visit our ‘Seafarers (Portraits at sea)‘ page to read more about about (and see a selection of) Dan Llywelyn Hall’s portraits .